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Wimbledon 1st Round Betting Markets

Today is the day when the floodgates will be swung open regarding the betting opportunities that are available to all tennis fans, for there are a huge number matches that subject to the weather should be being played off today.

In fact, the UK has been having something of a heat wave over the last week or so and as such there is very little chance of a sudden downpour delaying any of those matches today.

As there are way too many matches being played at Wimbledon in the 1st Round of that tournament today, I have put together below a shortlist of the matches that do offer the best value from a betting point of view, and as such you should read on to find out which matches those are.

At all times though be aware that the odds available on each player winning any of those matches can and may just vary at different betting sites, but when betting at any of our featured betting site you will always be getting access to the most generous of odds!

One match that should go the way of the favourite this morning is the Tomic, B v Hurkacz, H match, and that favourite is Tomic at odds of 1/3 whilst Hurkacz is on offer at odds of 9/4.

Plenty of Betting Opportunities at Wimbledon Today

With many of the favourites to win their respective matches today being on offer at very short odds-on, you may be interested in perming some red-hot favourites together in an accumulator bet, and if so here are some players I think you should be perming together in such a bet!

In the 11:30 match between Harrison, Christian and Nishikori, the most likely winning of that match is the latter named one who is 1/14 to win, it may also be worth including Gulbis, E at 1/6 in such a bet and it is also at 11:30 that player will be playing against Clarke, another player to include is Tiafoe, F at 6.5 who looks likely to beat Verdasco, F in that match.

Bigger Odds More Risk

The final matches that I have picked out for you that offer much better odds than the matches and players so far mentioned include the 12:30 match in which Copil, M is 13/8 to beat Haase, who is on offer at odds of 1/2.

The Cuevas, P v Bolelli, S match could go either way with the former player being offered currently at odds of 6/5 and you can get 4/6 on Bolelli, S

Another fairly well balanced match today is the one between Ramos Vinolas, A and Robert, S they are currently chalked up at odds of  8/15 and 6/4 so the match could go either way!

One of the last matches that is going to be played today at Wimbledon is the 17:00 match between Chardy, J and Shapovalov, D and the odds on offer on each of those players are 8/13 and 5/4 respectively!

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