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Will Lewis Hamilton Win the British Grand Prix?

One thing that you are going to have to decide if you are planning on betting on the British Grand Prix that is scheduled to start this Sunday, is whether the red-hot favourite that being Lewis Hamilton is going to win that event.

If you think he is going to do so then you will have to act quick regarding placing your bet for with many other punters convinced that he is going to take that race in his stride his odds of winning are dropping and dropping fast.

In fact, you will be lucky if you can get odds any higher than 5/6 on him winning, but do as always be prepared to shop around as the odds available at different betting sites are going to vary.

There are some punters however that do think Lewis Hamilton is going to underperform this weekend and as such they are looking at some of the other fancied drivers to win, and if that is something you are thinking of doing then you can get odds of 7/2 on S. Vettel, 11/2 on V. Bottas and M. Verstappen is on offer at more than enough betting sites to win at odds of 15/2!

Will Team Mercedes Win the Grand Prix?

If you would like to reduce the risk of a loss but you are of the mind that Mercedes are going to be the winning team as opposed to one individual driver then the odds on offer are 4/9 on Mercedes winning, slightly lower than betting on Lewis Hamilton but a decent bet all the same!

The Ferrari team are on offer at 9/4, if you think the Red Bull team have a great chance of winning then get a bet on the 7/2 being offered by Betfred as quick as you can, all of the other teams are available at odds between 300/1 and 1000/1!

Other Betting Opportunities

You can also bet on who you think is going to be the driver that will get the fastest lap in both the qualifier and the main race, however the main race betting market will probably appeal to you the most and with that in mind here are the best odds I have come cross so far on each driver.

It will not surprise you that the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton is the favourite on this betting market and his odds are 5/2, the second favourite is another Mercedes drive that of course being V. Bottas at 3/1 and the Ferrari driver S. Vettel could come out on top and record the very fastest lap time and if you think he will do his odds are currently 7/2

Both the Red Bull drivers D. Ricciardo and M. Verstappen are chalked up at odds of 4/1 and the other Ferrari driver that being K. Raikkonen may attract a few punters to bet on him as his odds are 5/1!

The odds on all other drivers vary in value from 50/1 to 1000/1 but it will take a lot of luck and probably a miracle if any of them are going to record the fastest lap time this year in the British Grand Prix!

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