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Today’s Brighton Racecourse Meeting

Just a small but very select number of runners will be taking part in the races that are scheduled to go ahead today at the Brighton racecourse, but as always is the case at that course there are plenty of horses running  that could bolt up at some huge odds too!

Therefore let me guide you through each of those races today to hopefully make your life somewhat easier when trying to pick out which horses do have the very best chance of winning.

The first race will be starting are Brighton this afternoon at 14:00 and it would be foolish to look any further than either of the top two horses on the betting boards, those being Noteworthy currently trading at odds of 7/4 and Monarch Maid whose odds are 9/4, it will be a big upset if one of those two horses doesn’t win that race.

The next race scheduled is the Brighton 14:30 and it may just be worth picking the third horse in the betting which currently is Buzz Lightyere to win, for this race is quite within its capabilities and with odds of 11/4 on offer if it does win and you have secured those odds you will get a decent sized winning pay-out!

Mid-Afternoon Races at Brighton Today

It should be Fitzsimmons that wins the Brighton 15:00 race for when you compare the form of that horse to the other scheduled to run in that race it does have an outstanding chance of winning, and you will be rewarded with odds of 8/13 if you back it right now but only if you are quick!

Looking ahead to the Brighton 15:30 race I am going to suggest you do an each-way bet on the number 5 horse on the race card, for that horse is in with a decent chance of getting placed at least and the bets odds I have seen on the early prices betting markets are 7/1.

Other Races to Consider Betting On

There are three additional races at Brighton today and he next one is the 16:00 race, and if everything goes to plan in that race Matchmaking should win, and with odds currently of 8/15 it is fair bet but not one that will make you rich if it does win!

In the Brighton 16:30 race is should be a head to head battle between Enzo at 6/4 and Starboy at 3/1, so you may have to toss a coin to finally pick one to win!

If you are still around at 17:00 and fancy placing a bet then the best ones on offer over at Brighton is the number 1 horse on the race card that being Jack Taylor, that horse is currently the 5/6 favourite to win but considering there are only four runners in that race and none of the other ones have any decent form to their names it should be a race that favourite will win.

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