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S Vettel Second Favourite to Win the German Grand Prix

The German Grand Prix is going to be a very closely matched race if the betting markets are to be believed, for you can get odds of 6/4 on Lewis Hamilton winning that race and odds of 13/8 on S. Vettel coming out on top.

It is a fair bet however that one of those two drivers are going to win, and we will soon be finding out as the race is scheduled to start next Sunday on the 22nd of July 2018.

The betting markets often give a very clearly indication of not only which drivers do have the very best chance of winning but also where the smart money is going, and without a shadow of a doubt it is those two drivers that the majority of punters are lumping on!

The other drivers do have some much higher odds associated with them winning this race and with V. Bottas being available at 15/2, K. Raikkonen and M. Verstappen on offer at 9/1 and D. Ricciardo having a slight chance of winning at his odds of 10/1 it is hard to see any other driver coming out on top next Sunday!

NOW TV Showing the German Grand Prix Live

Due to the broadcasting rights going to the Sky Sports F1 channel and the NOW TV company you can watch the race being broadcast live from the Hockenheimring circuit on those two channels, however if you have other things to do whilst the race is being broadcast you do have the option of tuning into Channel 4 later on in the day for all of the highlights of the race.

I would also advise you to hunt around for the best possible odds available, for each of our featured betting sites are offering a range of unique and exclusive betting opportunities on the German Grand Prix!

Team Mercedes Even Money to Win

There are of course ten teams taking part in the German Grand Prix, and much like you can try and predict the individual driver that you think will win it, you can also bet on the team the winning driver will be part of.

So, that does of course mean there is a slightly lower level of risks you do have in place when trying to predict the team to win, but the smart money much like on the name the driver betting market is going on both the Mercedes team and the Ferrari team who are even money and 11/10 respectively to win the race.

For those of you out there who follow the Red Bull team religiously you can get odds of 9/2 on them winning but with every other team with the exception of Williams on offer at 400/1 to win this race, and with the William team being 1000/1 you will have to be a very hardened fan to back any of them to win at those odds, as the chances of those best being winning ones are tiny, but anything could happen in this race of course!

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