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Pick the Top Two Finishers in Group D

You probably have your own ideas as to the two teams that are going to be filling positions one and two on the Group D table in this year’s World Cup tournament that is being held in Russia.

If you do then how about putting some money on your prediction, for sites like Paddy Power are offering you something known as a Straight Forecast bet on which you simply have to pick the teams to finish in first and second place in any group.

You can bet on the 1st Argentina/2nd Croatia outcome at odds of 15/8 or the other popular bet that being the 1st Croatia/2nd Argentina one and by doing so the odds on offer on that bet are a tad higher at 16/5.

In fact, there is nothing stopping you picking out the 1st Argentina/2nd Iceland bet at 6/1, the 1st Argentina/2nd Nigeria bet also at 6/1 or even the 1st Croatia/2nd Iceland bet and when doing so you will be rewarded with odds of 13/1.

Bigger Odds the Less Likely the Result

The more unlikely the outcome the higher the odds will become take for example the  1st Croatia/2nd Nigeria bet offering odds of 13/1 and the 1st Nigeria/2nd Argentina bet on which you will get odds of 16/1.

If you are prepared to take a few chances on the two teams you make to finish in first and second place in Group D then the higher the odds you will be paid out at such as the 1st Iceland/2nd Argentina bet that offers odds of 17/1 and the 1st Iceland/2nd Croatia with higher odds of 22/1 on offer.

There is one additional bet that may tempt you that is offering mid ranged odds and that is the 1st Nigeria/2nd Croatia bet, that bet is one that will see you being paid out at odds of 22/1 is that is the outcome of the Group D table once the final match in the group stages has been played off, but read on for some even higher odds on the last few betting opportunities!

Complete Outsiders

As you would expect in Group D it is both Nigeria and Iceland that are not expected to finish in the top two based on their current form as national teams, however you could pair both two of those teams together if you do fancy trying to win big.

The odds that you will be offered on the 1st Iceland/2nd Nigeria bet are 60/1 and if you would prefer the teams to finish the other way around then the odds on the 1st Nigeria/2nd Iceland bet are the same that being 60/1.

Make sure that you become new customer of the Paddy Power betting site if it is these types of World Cup betting opportunities you are interested in, as not only do they offer them on each group but you will get a huge sign up bonus when signing up through our website links!

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