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Multiple Betting Opportunities on the Hungarian Grand Prix

The list of different betting opportunities being made available to punters on this year’s Hungarian Grand Prix is huge, and with that in mind do consider placing some of the most exotic types of bets in addition to just betting on who you think will win. The current favourite for reference is S. Vettel at odds of 15/8.

The Hungarian circuit can be a tricky one to negotiate at the best of times, and if there are any failings by Vettel on that circuit then one driver who is going to take full advantage of them is of course Lewis Hamilton, and he does have a lot of fans and people backing him to win this year for his odds are currently 11/4.

The decision of just which driver you do think will win this race is of course yours to make, and with betting sites such as our fully approved and the fully licensed and regulated Betfred betting site going 3/1 on the likes of the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen there is certainly some value waiting to be bagged if you do think he is going to be the winner of this race!

Ricciardo and Bottas

It could be one of the Red Bull drivers that win this race, and on the balance of form the one that is most likely to is D. Ricciardo, who I am aware that many people are backing and his odds of winning if you are quick are 7/2!

As for the drivers that do not have no chance of winning you need to look at the likes of the Mercedes driver V. Bottas and the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen, for they are both on offer at odds of 12/1, so they do have a chance of winning, and a much greater chance of doing so than those drivers listed in the section below have!

The Remainder of the Drivers

Always at the very least take a look at all of the drivers taking part in any Grand Prix and then take a step back and consider the chances of any of the outsider winning, as even though it is very rare of a huge outsider to win, they occasionally do come up trumps!

Therefore if you do fancy backing some rivers available at some fairly big odds, well not fairly but  really big odds then consider taking the 750/1 on offer on drivers such as the Renault driver C. Sainz, the Renault driver N. Hulkenberg  or either of the two Haas drivers those being  R. Grosjean  and K. Magnussen.

You probably will not need to look at any of the other drivers that I haven’t yet mentioned; for it is an odds-on certainty that the winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix will be one of the drivers I have mentioned up above, probably those names in the first few paragraphs.

However, if you do fancy the chances of any driver not yet mentioned then at Betfred all of the other drivers can be bet on at huge odds of 1000/1!

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