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Could Belgium or Croatia Win The World Cup?

I have been asking around to find out who a few of my friends have been backing to in the World Cup this year, and those that are not huge England fans seem to have the view that Belgium are going to shine in the Semi Finals and will then go on to win it!

If you are in agreement with them then it will be worth taking advantage of the fact that they are the third favourite out of four teams to win, and by shopping around at a  few of our featured betting sites you are going to be able to secure odds of 11/4 on them winning.

However, the smart money does appear to be going on both France and England for when you weigh everything up it is those two teams that do have the greatest chance of at least making it through to the final and one of them should win it.

The odds on the outsider that being Croatia winning are 4/1, but if you agree with the majority of people that France are going to win their odds of doing so are 2/1 and you can quite easily get odds of 5/2 on England winning the World Cup too!

Semi Final Betting

I am probably going to be leaving the Semi Finals alone regarding having a bet, for the way the results have been going you are probably going to be much better off sticking a pin in the team names to decide who is going to win each match in those Semi Finals!

However, there is nothing stopping you having a bet or two on the teams you do fancy and it is France at 6/4 that are expected to win their match against Belgium who are 21/10 to win and the draw odds after 90 minutes of play are 11/5.

England is 11/8 to win their match against Croatia who by the way are 12/5 win and the draw odds after 90 minutes of play on that match are 11/5, much like the match up above.

Will Kane or Romelu to be the Golden Boot Winner?

There is of course the side content regarding the player who will score the most goals in the World Cup tournament, and whilst on paper at least it does look like Harry Kane is going to win that award and take the Golden Boot home with him there are some other players in with an albeit tiny chance of winning it.

The odds of the four most likely players to win the Golden Boot are as following, Harry Kan is 1/7, you can get odds of 8/1 on Romelu Lukaku winning it, much bigger odds of 16/1 can be had on Antoine Griezmann, Antoine and for a very speculative bet but one that is probably not going to come off you can also secure odds of 20/1 on Kylian Mbappe, Kylian and even higher odds of a whopping 50/1 on Eden Hazard too!


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