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Betting Tips on Sweden v England

One of the biggest betting events so far in this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament will be on today’s match between Sweden and England, and you are probably sat there right now trying to decide just which bet to place.

The most basic type of bet you can place on that match is of course an outright winner bet, and by doing so you have to select which team you think will win the game or whether it will end in a draw.

However, keep in mind that if the match does end in a draw it will then go to extra time and then if the outcome is still a draw it will be a penalty shoot out that determines just which of those two teams’ progresses through to the Semi Finals and which team goes home!

The odds on Sweden winning after 90 minutes play are 19/5, the draw is readily available at all betting site at odds of 9/4, but it is on England winning this match most punters are betting on as their odds of doing so are around the 19/20 mark.

Name the Player to Score First

You may fancy a slightly more exciting bet, and if so then the first player to score betting market is going to give you a financial interest in this match until the point in time one player does score, and there are of course more than enough players to choose from who could do so.

If you think it will be a Sweden player that will score first you can get odds on the most likely suspects those being Marcus Berg at 8/1, Ola Toivonen or John Guidetti and Isaac Thelin at 10/1

Harry Kane is of course the red-hot favourite to score first at odds of 9/4 for England and some other players that could achieve that fete are Jamie Vardy at 5/1 and Marcus Rashford at odds of 11/2!

Extra Time or Penalties?

The match could also go to extra time or even penalties and that means all betting sites do have an additional betting market on offer to you on which you can pick a side to win but either via extra time or via a penalty shoot out.

For the match to get to extra time and for Sweden to then win the match you can bag odds currently of 16/1, for England to win during extra time the odds are slightly lower, well a lot lower in fact at 8/1!

A penalty shoot out will of course give fans of both teams a much more thrilling end to this match, and the odds on it doing so and on Sweden winning are 9/1 which are the same as England winning via a penalty shoot out too.

Most pundits however thing the match will be won in the first 90 minutes of play and that it will be England that progress through to the Semi Finals, but that isn’t a guarantee of course, as anything can happen as Brazil found out yesterday!

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