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Betting Opportunities on England vs. Australia

England are playing Australia in a one day international cricket match this Wednesday and there has already been a lot of cash being placed on both teams to win that match, but the smart money does appear to be going on England to win it.

In fact, so much money has been placed on England to win I have seen their odds on winning dropping gradually over the last few days and we are now at the point in time when the best odds currently available on England to win are just 8/5.

So if you do fancy backing them to win the match outright the sooner you place your bet the better, that isn’t to say of course that Australia cannot win this match, in fact on the balance of form they have a very reasonable chance of doing just that, and if you do fancy their chances their odds of winning are 6/4.

Odds on the Series Correct Score

If you do want a few other ideas regarding what you can bet on, then there is always the series correct score betting market which may be a little more appealing to you if you are looking for much higher odds than on the simple outright match betting markets.

Two bets that really do stand out currently as ones that may just bear fruit are for England to win with a score of 3-2 and the odds on that bet are 2/1, but another bet that could tempt you into parting with your money hopefully only temporality is for England to win the series with a score of 4-1 and you will get odds of 9/4 on that betting opportunity.

There is always the chance that Australia could win and one possible bet to consider placing if you think they will win the series is backing them to win with a score of 3-2 and the odds of that bet are around the 7/2 mark.

England could of course win with a score of 5-0 and the odds offered on that bet are 9/2, but for Australia to win 4-1 the odds are much higher at 10/1, in fact they get even higher if you think the series score with be Australia winning 5-0 and those much higher odds are 66/1!

Method of the first Dismissal

One additional betting market that most if not all betting sites now have open for a limited amount of time of course is the method of first dismissal and the one bet that most punters will have on that betting market is the Caught bet at odds of 4/9.

But cricket being cricket any of the other methods of dismissal could be the one that does occur on the first player on the pitch and with that in mind consider locking in some value with the Lbw bet at 7/2 or bet on and then hope the first player is dismissed by being Bowled out for the odds on that betting opportunity are 4/1.

If you are more of the mind that the first method of dismissal will be a Run Out then the odds available on that dismissal will certainly tempt you as they are as high as 16/1 depending on which betting site you choose to place your bet at and the odds on the Stumped dismissal are 16/1 and any other form of dismissal are 200/1.