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Best Odds on Fury v Seferi

I just know that many of you out there are going to be very eager to bet on the Fury v Seferi match that is going to be broadcast live on the 9th of June, but you will of course want to ensure you are not being short changed when it comes to getting the best betting odds.

With that thought at the forefront of your mind, please do read on for by doing so you will find all the most popular bets and wagers that you can place at any of our featured betting sites, along with an overview of the odds that you can expect on each of them too!

Winner Betting Odds and Method of Victory

I have yet to come across anyone who has had a bet on Tyson Fury to win this match, for even though it seems there is no way on Gods green Earth he can lose, it is the odds available on him winning that are putting people off backing him, and those odds are as short as 1/100!

On the outright betting markets, the other two possible outcomes are of course the draw and the odds on that happening are low at 33/1, compared to what they should be, and the odds available eon Sefer Seferi winning are 20/1, and let’s face it they should be double or triple those odds!

There are two other betting markets I will be showcasing to you and the first of which is the method of victory betting market, but even with everything considered if you bet on Tyson Fury to win this bout with a Ko, Tko Or Disqualification the best you can hope for odds wise are odds of 1/10.

For Tyson Fury to win on points the odds are 5/1, and if you think a miracle is going to occur and that Sefer Seferi will win by a Ko, Tko or Disqualification you can get odds of 25/1 and the odds available on Sefer Seferi winning by points are even higher at 50/1!

Fury to Win in One of Two Rounds

There is one betting markets on offer at Betfred that did catch my eye however, and that is the one on which instead of you having to pick one single round and make it as the one in which Tyson Fury will win, you must select one of two rounds for him to win in either of them to get paid out some winnings!

If you think that Tyson Fury is going to blast his way to victory on either the first round or the second round Betfred will give you odds of 7/2, but if you think it will take him until some point in rounds 3 or 4 to wipe the floor with Seferi then bag the odds of 3/1 on him doing just that.

For Tyson to win at some point in rounds 5 to 6, 7 to 8 to 9 to 10 the respective odds are 7/2, 9/2 and 7/1!