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ComeOn Sportsbook Review

I am pleased to announce that I have another betting site to tell you about, that has been approved as one of our top rated betting sites and that is the ComeOn Sportsbook that will welcome you on board with a rather tempting sign up bonus.

However, as a regular sport bettor you will of course know there is much more to a betting site than simply being offered an initial sign up bonus, so read on and see if you do find everything they offer, all of which are listed below match what you look for from such a site!

Claim Your Sign-Up Bonus

If you sign up to every single betting site you see showcased throughout this website, if you are not already customer of each of them you are going to be getting the maximum betting value, thanks to each of those betting sites welcome bonus offers.

Regarding what the ComeOn Sportsbook will be offering you via their sign up bonus, they have a very easy to understand free matched bet offer that you will qualify for when visiting their website by using any of our website links, so make user you do just that!

You will need to register, and then make a deposit and then place a bet with your own money initially and by doing so they will match your initial bets value up to a certain amount by way of that free matched bet.

Ongoing offers, deals and daily promotional offers are also going to be coming your way, which will ensure that no matter when you fancy placing an additional bet in the future you will always be able to secure additional betting value. But do read through the terms and conditions just to make sure you know how to use any free matched bets and betting bonuses.

Easy to Use Online Betting Platform

It will be via your chosen web browser that you are going to be able to both sign up to become a new user of the ComeOn Sportsbook online betting platform and also as the way you will be placing your best and wagers too.

The betting platform is always updated in real time so unlike some other betting site as soon as you see odds being offered to you that you wish to secure you can do so instantly, and there will be all manner of different betting markets available to you too.

In-play betting markets are also available from this betting site too so not only can you place a bet in advance of any sporting event that has caught your attention before it starts you can also bet on them when they do start too.

By opening up an online betting site account with ComeOn Sportsbook your online log in details are going to allow you to log into and access their mobile betting app, so you can bet on your computer if you prefer or place a bet on your mobile device from anywhere you are!

Real Time Deposits and Fast Winning Payouts

To make a deposit into either your online or mobile betting account with ComeOn Sportsbook you are tasked with nothing more complicated than clicking or tapping onto their banking button, and by doing so their highly safe and secure banking interface will then be launched.

By doing so you can then pick out any of the many different payment options you would like to use to transfer money into your account, and as somebody that is based and living in the UK your account will be operating in GBP of course!

The payment options including methods such as credit cards, prepaid cards and debit cards too, plus you will find all of the most popular web wallets are also listed and accessible to you as a form of payment option on that banking option.

If you want to use prepaid vouchers such as those on offer from PaySafeCard then you can use them to make a deposit instantly into your account, and when you wish to cash out you will benefit from not only plenty of withdrawal options but winning customers are paid rapidly and also benefit from some huge cash out and pay-out limits too!

Mobile Sports Betting App

In this day and age I am fairly confident that you will own some sort of mobile device, whether that is a mobile phone or a tablet device, and if you do then you can download for free the ComeOn Sportsbook betting app.

That app is one of the very best ones you can download and make use of for it has been designed in such a way that it mirrors everything that is on offer to their customers via their online betting platform, so a huge number of different sports betting opportunities are available to you.

In fact, if you do sign up to use their online betting platform when you then set about downloading, installing and using their betting pp your online account will be linked dup to your mobile account too, and as such your account balance can be used on either the online betting platform or the mobile betting app.

The same bet types, the same deposit and withdrawal options and much more importantly the exact same promotional offers are available on both the app and the online betting platform so there are no benefits of using one over the other, excepted with the app you can of course place a bet from anywhere you happen to be!

A Plethora of Sporting Betting Opportunities

One aspect of making the sound decision of signing up to any of our featured betting sites such as ComeOn Sportsbook is that you are never going to be left wanting and will never be presented with just a small modest number of sports betting opportunities.

As the sportsbook is run and operated by their own in-house team they do not outsource their odds compiling tasks, and as such it is their own team of odds compilers that work day and night to ensure the odds they offer are very competitive.

In fact, you only have to take a look at any of their betting markets to realise the over-rounds they operate to are very low so you are not going to be ripped off with poor valued odds, which sadly can be the case when betting t other betting sites.

You can choose to bet before any sporting event has started and will be presented at all times with up to the minute odds, or by switching over to their in play betting markets you can now place plenty of bets and wagers once any sporting event has started too!

Gamble Responsibly

Gambling resistibly is what every punter should be doing, and sites such as ComeOn Sportsbook do make that a very easy thing to do. What they offer all customers are a range of gambling limit options that are accessible whenever you log into your account.

What the savviest sports bettors always tend to do, to ensure they do not get too carried away and end up blowing their bankroll and gambling budget on a  single session is to set some maximum limits regarding both their deposits and their losses over any single session.

So when you do log into your account try and make use of them! Having said that though one thing that you are always going to find that ComeOn offer their customers are low to high banking limits and also you will be able to place some very low stake levels on the bets you place.

So if you are just a recreational and occasional gambler then you will always have the option of placing some modest stakes on your chosen bets and wagers, but you will always have access to their promotional offers no matter when or how much you gamble with them!

Around the Clock Support

As soon as you get the hang of using either the online or mobile betting platform available from ComeOn Sportsbook you will find they are very easy to use as is their banking interface too, however there may be a time as one of their new customers when you are unsure about something.

If you do find yourself scratching your head about anything then simply get in touch with one of their support team members for they will be only too happy to help you get your head around whatever it is you are unsure about.

The support service is available 24 hours a day at ComeOn Sportsbook, so no matter when you choose to place a bet, make a deposit or cash out your winnings, if you do run into any problems or are unsure about anything, there is always someone on call to help and advise you.

Telephone, email and instant chat services are on offer to all customers, and it will be their instant chat service that will enable to get the answers you are looking for the quickest!

MansionBet Review

It has been discovered that the average online and/or mobile sports bettor will have around half a dozen active betting site accounts, and there is a reason they open and use so many different accounts, and that is to ensure they always have the choice of a range of different betting opportunities, promotional offers and odds too!

Therefore, if you have been thinking about opening up an additional betting site account or maybe you are looking to open your very first one, please read through this review of MansionBet, for they are a first class betting site offering you all manner of unique and stand out features.

More Bonuses More Often

As there are hundreds if not thousands of betting sites that you can make use of online these days, MansionBet have had to dream up some very high valued bonuses and promotional offers to ensure that potential customers do have an incentive to give them a try and make use of their betting platforms.

As such by signing up today and clicking onto any of our website links to their betting site the very first thing that you are instantly going to qualify for is a 50% deposit match bonus, so when you make your initial deposit you will then get those bonus credits added to your account with no delay.

I do like the fact that it is a deposit match bonus new customers can claim, for usually all you get when signing up to a betting site is a small valued matched bet, which often gives you no value what so ever.

Additional offers with them be sent out to you regularly via email from their promotions teams, and all of the terms and conditions for every single bonus or promotional deal they make available to you are written in an easy to understand way and in a way you will find appealing, as they offer the maximum winning opportunities with no sting in the tail!

Mobile Betting App

There is one main thing that you should always be looking for regarding a betting app, and that is one that is going to be extremely easy to use, isn’t going to fill up all of the spare storage space on your mobile device and give you everything you have access to on an online betting platform.

It would appear that those were the criteria that MansionBet chose when they were designing their own unique betting app, for it is very fast to download and has to be one of the easiest to use betting apps but one of the most advanced ones you will ever come across.

As long as your mobile device has a touch screen then you are going to be able to place any type of sports bet you fancy placing in just a couple of taps or swipes of your mobile devices screen once you have launched the app and have logged into it.

For reference it doesn’t matter if you initial open an online or mobile account with MansionBet, you will find your username and password will give you access to both platforms and you will have just as many promotions, betting options and banking options available on them both too.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

Being able to deposit quickly and instantly into your betting site account is going to ensure that whenever you do see generous odds being made available to you, you can then fund your account and secure those high valued odds too.

Therefore one of the best aspects of becoming a customer of MansionBet is that they are always going to be giving you access to plenty of different banking options and methods on their banking interface, I should point out those banking options are the same on their online betting platform and on their betting app too.

It will therefore be your decision to make as to whether you fund your account using a debit card, a credit card a prepaid card or voucher or even any of the many web and e-wallets.

No matter which options you choose to play use of those you are always going to find more than enough withdrawal options available to you to allow you to make a speedy and hassle free withdrawal from your account when you win!

Online Betting Opportunities

I doubt that you are going to find anything confusing or difficult about using the online betting platform available from this betting site, for all you need to do to access it is to visit their website, sign up if you haven’t yet do so then log into your account via their website.

The web browser you are using when you do so will be the one that is then used to display all of the betting markets and live betting odds too, so there is no need to have to download any software of any type when you do fancy placing a bet online with them.

All of the different sports categories are listed in the side menu and by clicking on any of them you will then be presented with every single type of sporting event and sporting fixtures along with every single betting market available on your chosen sport category!

Bet Using In-Play Betting Markets

One of the more recent betting related innovations are something known as in-play betting markets and they are a way for punters to be able to continue to bet on a range of different sporting events even if those sporting events have started.

Take for example when you are sat at home watching a football match, when that match kicks off then MansionBet will then turn on and make live their in-play betting markets and then you can continue to bet on who will win the match, the next player to score and even the correct score of the match too.

You will find that virtually every single type of bet that was available to you before that match started will be offered to you on those live in-play betting markets and therefore you will always have a second chance of placing a bet no matter whether a football match is about to start or is currently being played.

The art to betting on such a betting platform however is speed and alertness, for the odds are going to very quickly change as different things hap[en in the match, so I would suggest you check out those in play betting markets first too see a few of them in play to see how they work and operate!

Account Verification

MansionBet are licensed in quite a number of different countries and jurisdictions, however if you are a UK based punter then you will need to comply the requirements that have been laid down by the UK Gambling Commission who have granted them a license to operate within Great Britain.

The first thing you will always have to be is over the age of 18, and when opening up your account do ensure that you fill in the registration form accurately, as they are going to have to verify your name and address is true and valid.

They way that they will do that is to ask you to send in a recent utility bill that is dated within the last three months as they can then verify your address. You will also be required to send in a copy of either your driving license or your passport, as by doing so they can then double check and verify that you are over the age of 18 and can verify your identity too.

Once your account has been fully verified you will be able to deposit, bet and withdraw with no restrictions.

Around the Clock Support

Take it from me, when you make contact with the support team at some betting sites you can often feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall!

Unfortunately these days some betting sites will outsource their call centres and player support services to companies who haven’t a clue about how a betting sites runs and operates, and as such you will often find any questions you have or problems you experience are going to take quite some time to get answered or rectified.

That is not going to be the case at MansionBet for they have their own dedicated team of support agents who work and are based in the head office, and as such if you have a question they will be answered straight away, and if you do ever experience a problem they will get it sorted out and on the spot.

You also have plenty of different ways that you can contact their support team such as by dropping them an email, using their fee and toll free phone numbers or the fastest and most efficient way to contact their support team is to contact them using the instant chat feature at any time of the night or day!

Unibet Review

There has never been a better time to sign up to and become a client of Unibet sportsbook, for they accept players based in the UK and many other countries besides, and having recently boosted the value of their welcome bonus you could get off to a winning start if you set about claiming it.

But before you do so, please feel free to read through this Unibet review, for by doing so you are going to be able to compare exactly what they have available to you with other betting sites that you may already be a member of!

Free Bets and So Much More

There are always going to be offers and promotions available to you when you have signed up to Unibet, for thanks to their promotions teams be forward looking individuals, they will ensure you are always getting access to a range of offers that will ensure you lock in the maximum betting value.

Your bonus adventure will however start the very minute you register as a new Unibet customer, but if you do click onto any of our Unibet links that take you directly to their website there will be an enhanced sign up offer that is then offered to you.

That bonus will take the form of free bets that you can make use of at any time once you have placed your initial bet, the terms and conditions attached and associated with that sign up bonus can of course be found on their website, and by reading them through you will see just how fair that offer really is.

But make no mistake about it, Unibet do also offer some to the best odds in the industry, so taking bonuses or not, will also see you getting the maximum winning pay-outs when you bet there on any type of sporting events.

Mobile Betting App

Anyone who fancies betting on their mobile phone would be strongly advised to download the Unibet sportsbook app for it is going to give them access to a huge and ever growing range of different betting opportunities on ever possible type of sporting event.

There is in fact no difference between what you will find on their online betting platform and their mobile betting app, you will find the same range of deposit options, the same type of promotional offers and if you can bet on it online you can bet on it via their app.

So most people will download their app as soon as they have opened an account online, for the log in details are the same on both the online platform and app which means any funds you already have in either of them can be used to placed bets on both that online platform and on the app too.

The app is also updated in real time too, meaning all odds that you see being displayed upon it are available, and ongoing promotional offers will also be displayed on the app, so you are always going to be able to claim them too.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

Talking of deposit options, all UK sports punters can of course set their new Unibet account to operate in GBP, which will save you a small fortune when compared to other betting sites that force you to only deposit in Euros or US Dollars.

All web wallets are accepted align with prepaid cards and vouchers, but you can if you so desire use a debit card or credit card, but be aware that Unibet are unable to credit winnings back to a credit card account.

A debit card is going to be the best option for most punters, for deposits are paid into your Unibet account instantly and all winnings you withdraw are going to be sent bank to your bank account too, and those withdrawals will not take very long.

Further down this review of Unibet you will find information about getting your newly opened account fully verified, and that is something you should try and do as soon as you can do, as by doing so your withdrawals will not be delayed as they are verifying your account!

Online Betting Opportunities

Live and updated in real time betting opportunities are what you will always find available at Unibet, and when using their online betting platform it doesn’t matter which web browser you like to use, it will be fully compatible with their betting platform.

Keep in mind though that your log in details you are given when signing up as one of their new customers will also give you access to their mobile betting app, so if you do fancy placing a bet when you are nowhere near your computer then that is something you an easily do.

Something you may have discovered if you do have betting accounts at other online and mobile betting sites is that some of those other sites outsource the compiling of their odds to third party companies.

When they do so those other betting sites will be offering the exact same odds are other betting sites, but as Unibet have their own in-house odds compilers you will often find plenty of enhanced and much higher odd available on all manner of different sporting events!

Bet Using In-Play Betting Markets

As both the online betting platform and the Unibet betting app are highly advanced you will now have the option of making use of an in-play betting market that is going to mean you can bet on most sporting events once they have started.

You do however need to be alert and quick at placing your bets when using that in-play betting market, as due to the sporting events being in-play that means the odds available on all betting opportunities available upon them are constantly changing.

However, when it comes to hedging any bets that you may have placed before a sporting event started the only way you can realistically do so is by making use of such a betting market, and make no mistake about it you are always going to find plenty of different wager types and betting opportunities available to you when using that being market too!

If you want to see an in-play betting market in use then simply sign up to Unibet and then log into your account and select any of them that are currently live, and you will then see at firsthand how the odds can and will change rapidly and will also get some ideas as to just what you can bet on too!

Account Verification

The only other thing that I do need to bring to your attention about signing up to this betting site is that you are legally required to get your account verified at some point in time, once you have registered as a new customer.

Most like many other betting sites however, Unibet can often do that electronically without you have to send into them copies of your identification documents. But sometimes they may request you send in a recent utility bill to allow them to verify your current address or you may need to send into their security team a copy of a passport of driving license.

When you account has been verified you can then make a deposit without any restrictions and they are also going to be able to pay you out every single one of your withdrawals quickly and with no added delays too.

One final thing to be aware of however is that if you live in the UK then you will need to be at least the age of 18 to open up a Unibet account, so if you are not yet 18 years old then please do not try to do so.

Around the Clock Support

Finally, let me give you some ideas of what the customers support service is like at Unibet, for some betting sites have gained a reputation for having terrible customer service that really does let those betting sites down, however that is not the case here!

At any time of the night of day that you need to contact their support team you are going to be able to get in touch with them, and those team members that you will be contacting know all there is to know about every single aspect of the betting app and betting platform, so any questions that you may have will be answered quickly and in full.

Whilst you do have the option of contacting their support team via email or telephone, the most hassle free way to contact them is via the instant chat feature, which is what most of their customers tend to use to get instant answers to any questions they may have.

But I seriously doubt that you will ever need to contact their support team for everything about their betting platforms and banking interface has been designed to be as simple and as easy to use as is possible, but they are there if you ever need them of course!

Cheltenham Betting Review

 Bet on the Cheltenham Festival with Ladbrokes

Betting site is giving away Free Bets and offering great value

The countdown to The Greatest Show on Turf is well and truly on with the anticipation rising ahead of the 2017 Cheltenham Festival.

And if you’re looking for a betting site you can trust then one name sticks out more than most – Ladbrokes.
The bookmaking giant will be offering new and existing customers alike great value with Free Bets and fantastic odds available across the four-day spectacular, all available with many different payment options; including the latest phone bill method, BOKU, which is explained in greater depth here: BOKU betting sites

Sign-up today to grab your Welcome Bonus! Then place your bets with one of the biggest online sports betting sites around.

Which Cheltenham stars have caught your eye?

The best and biggest stars of Jumps racing turn out for the Cheltenham Festival and this year will be no different.
But which names have caught your attention?

Tuesday’s feature race looks a fascinating affair with both Buveur D’Air and Yanworth vying for favourite in the Champion Hurdle.

On Wednesday, all eyes will be on Champion Chase jolly Douvan and his bid to go 10 from 10 over fences.
Unowhatimeanharry is one of the star attractions on St. Patrick’s Thursday with the Stayers’ Hurdle favourite well-fancied to take the spoils.

Meanwhile, this year’s Gold Cup promises to be another incredible renewal. Trainer Colin Tizzard appears to boast the trump cards with his Native River and old favourite Cue Card the leading lights. However you’re calling it, UK betting site Ladbrokes has got everything you need to make the most of the action.

Ladbrokes unveils cracking Cheltenham offers

Sign-up and get a Free Matched Bet up to £50
If you haven’t got a Ladbrokes account then now is the time to get one.
Sign-up today and enjoy an incredible Welcome Bonus:
Get a Free Matched Bet up to £50

Mullins Money Back
No trainer has enjoyed more Festival success than Willie Mullins and once again the Irish saddler holds a strong hand. But if you fancy taking his horses on then there’s only one place to do it…

If a Willie Mullins Horse wins, Ladbrokes will refund losing stakes on all other horses in the race*
*One selected race per day. Maximum refund £25 as a free bet. Other Terms and Conditions apply. See http://www.ladbrokes.com/tc/mullinsmb/ for full details.

Best Odds Guaranteed PLUS
BOG+ is Ladbrokes’ leading incentive. If your horse goes off at a bigger price this bookie will not only match it, they’ll boost it.
Here’s how BOG+ works: Price taken at 3/1, Returns 4/1, Paid at 9/2
Ladbrokes have paid out over £6.5m on winners and placed horses!

Daily Price Boosts
Keep your eyes peeled for up to 10 Price Boosts per day on selected headline horses.
You’ll find them on the Price Boosts page, online and on mobile.

Non Runner No Bet
Having a bet in the run-up to the Cheltenham Festival?
Ladbrokes is Non Runner No Bet on ALL 28 races so you’ll get your stake back if your selection doesn’t run.

Chelsea v Manchester United 13/03/17

Chelsea v Manchester United betting preview

The Emirates FA Cup takes centre stage in the next few days with Monday night’s quarter-final tie between Chelsea and Manchester United headlining.

Both teams would have fancied their chances of going all the way in this year’s competition but the draw hasn’t done either any favours.

Betting site Ladbrokes have priced up Antonio Conte’s side as the 5/6 (1.83) favourites to win the tie with United the 7/2 (4.50) outsiders and the draw a 12/5 (3.40) shot.

When placing your bets, it’s important to remember that this match will go to extra-time if level after 90 minutes!

And should that happen then Ladbrokes is offering a fantastic incentive…

Get Money Back if Chelsea v Manchester United ends in a draw!*

*If the Chelsea v Man United match on Monday 13 March ends as a draw after 90 minutes we will refund losing bets on that match (as detailed in term 4) up to £/€25 per market, as Free Bets. Click here for full Terms and Conditions.

But that’s not all this top UK bookmaker is putting on the table.

Having seen his side dismantled 4-0 at Stamford Bridge earlier in the season, Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho will be eager to avoid a repeat.

However, if you think the Blues will be too strong for a United team missing Zlatan Ibrahimovic then get on the 13/2 (7.50) for Chelsea -2.

Usual suspect Diego Costa has netted in each of the Blues’ last three games, as well as in his side’s last FA Cup game at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Spain international is 5/1 (6.0) to net first at Stamford Bridge while it’s 7/2 (4.50) for compatriot Pedro to score in a home win.

Elsewhere, sports betting giant Ladbrokes have a number of tempting FA Cup odds on the away side.

Marcus Rashford is 5/2 (3.50) to get on the scoresheet at any time while it’s 7/4 (2.75) for the Old Trafford outfit to qualify for the semi-finals.

Having a punt on the big match? Then make sure you grab a free bet when you sign-up!

Head to Ladbrokes.com and sign-up today for an incredible Welcome Bonus:

Exclusive: Sign-up today Bet £10 and get £30 FREE + 5 team ACCA Insurance !

Liverpool v Tottenham betting preview

Liverpool v Tottenham Betting Preview

It’s not a great time to be a Liverpool fan and the looming prospect of Tottenham Hotspur rocking up to Anfield this Saturday night is unlikely to calm any nerves.

Jurgen Klopp’s Reds have gone from Premier League title contenders to mere Champions League hopefuls following a disastrous start to 2017.

Aside from their cup woes, Liverpool have failed to win any of their five top-flight games, although they have shared the spoils in three of those contests.Premiership Betting Odds

And betting on the draw with bookmaking giant Ladbrokes looks an appealing place to begin this punting preview.

Only Manchester United have drawn more games than Maurico Pochettino’s Spurs oufit this season.

Added to that, the hosts have shared the points with four of the current top-six sides already this term so the 9/4 (3.25) certainly appeals.

Meanwhile, the bookies go 23/20 (2.15) for a Liverpool win – an outcome we witnessed when these sides met in a League Cup clash earlier in the season – with 12/5 (3.40) available for a Tottenham victory.

However, if you think it’ll be honours even and wish to get more bang for your buck then have a think about the 5/1 (6.0) the Ladbrokes betting site has put up for a 1-1 scoreline.

That was the result in the reverse fixture at White Hart Lane while Liverpool have registered 1-1 draws against Man United and Chelsea this season.

Elsewhere, it’s 6/4 (2.50) for Harry Kane to add to his 14-goal haul and net at any time, much like he did in last season’s encounter on Merseyside.

For the opposition, leading scorer Sadio Mane is 15/8 (2.88) to get on the scoresheet and 6/1 (7.00) to get the game’s first goal.

Head to Ladbrokes.com and sign-up today for an incredible Welcome Bonus:

Exclusive: Sign-up today Bet £10 and get £30 FREE + 5 team ACCA Insurance !

Plus, enjoy many more great betting offers courtesy of one of the best online gambling sites around.

Tottenham Vs Chelsea Betting Preview

Tottenham v Chelsea Preview: Take a chance on the leaders continuing their winning run

Chelsea’s last trip to Tottenham was perhaps one of the most pivotal in Premier League history. That game ended 2-2, with the Blues fighting back from 2-0 down to scupper their London rivals’ already slim chances of overhauling Leicester City in the title race.

This time around it will be Spurs who are looking to spoil the party as Antonio Conte’s men not only come into this clash well clear of the chasing pack at the top of the table but also hunting down a record of their own. A victory here, priced at 7/4 (2.75) by Coral, would see them equal Arsenal’s tally of 14 consecutive Premier League wins.

In what looks an even game according to the bookmakers, Coral go 17/10 (2.70) about Mauricio Pochettino stopping the Blues in their tracks with a win. The draw, which could well prove popular given how tricky these two teams are to split in the betting, is a 23/10 (3.30) chance.
Perhaps the most impressive element of Chelsea’s incredible transformation has been the shift to a three-man defence and how tight they have become as a result. Having leaked just four times in their record-equalling run, there is bound to be some interest in backing the visitors to secure another shut out. Conte’s men are 4/1 (5.0) to keep Spurs at bay while extending their winning streak, elsewhere both teams to score is a 7/10 (1.70) chance.
Clearly the odds compilers believe that the home side have the weapons to unlock what 10 teams in Chelsea’s previous 13 matches have failed to do and while Pochettino’s side come into this match off the back of a four-game winning run, the quality of opposition (Hull, Burnley, Southampton and Watford) doesn’t mean they’re a sure bet to get on the score sheet.

That despite the considerable talents of Harry Kane, who regularly thrives in these all-London affairs. He’s 6/4 (2.50) to score anytime with Coral. Meanwhile, Diego Costa leads that particular market at 6/5 (2.20) after making a scoring return to the side following his suspension against Bournemouth.

The best bet though, could be taking the Draw No Bet insurance on a Chelsea victory. This means that if the match finishes all square then your stake will be returned while still offering tasty enough odds of 19/20 (1.95) on the away victory. With the Blues in such good form, it is rare that the price offered will allow punters to expect nearly a 100% return on their money should they collect three points, plus, have the safety net of the draw meaning a push.

Whether or not Conte’s defence is strong enough to withstand the home sides’ advances remains to be seen but the chance to back them at 19/20 (1.95) on a Draw no Bet basis certainly makes plenty of appeal. The away side have had an extra day to prepare for this clash and that could prove crucial in what has been a frantic festive period for most top flight sides.

Manchester City v Celtic Preview

Manchester City v Celtic Preview: Hoops have the weapons to hurt Guardiola’s men

Manchester City capitulated against Chelsea in what could prove to be a pivotal match in the Premier League title race on Saturday at the Etihad. Being caught on the counter-attack so many times is one thing, but the suspensions that have come about because of the ill-disciplined end to the clash could have repercussions far beyond the three points. Now Pep Guardiola must turn his attention to ensuring his side finish their Champions League group campaign on a high note.

Guardiola’s former club Barcelona are assured of top spot despite losing in Manchester on match day four as they hold a four-point advantage over the Premier League outfit. With Borussia Monchengladbach three points behind City, there is nothing left to play for. All four positions are already assured which means the English club will finish second while Celtic, their opposition in this game, will be out of Europe for another season.

bet on football

While that may not suggest a particularly interesting game, Chelsea’s stunning performance should mean Guardiola is keen to get back to winning ways as soon as possible, regardless of the competition. That outcome is just 4/11 (1.36) with Betway, albeit that price is drifting after the weekend’s result and not many punters will be keen to get stuck in at such skinny odds.

Celtic are on offer at 15/2 (8.50) to pick up their first win of the group stage with the draw priced at 17/4 (5.25). In truth though, it seems unlikely that the Hoops will take even a share of the spoils from this game. Without the daunting surroundings of their Parkhead home, Brendan Rodgers’ side have been pretty poor on the road.

They were beaten 7-0 in Barcelona and while that level of scoreline is unlikely here, another game filled with goals could help punters identify a better way to get with City at a much more appealing price. Defensive lapses are still a huge issue for the hosts and the fact that Betway offer just 4/6 (1.67) that both teams find the net tells its own story.

A 4-0 win over Borussia Monchengladbach on the opening match day was the only clean sheet City have kept in this competition and it’s now just one shut out in 15 matches in all competitions for the pre-season Premier League title favourites.

Going forward, City have an abundance of fire power and they can blow any team in the world away on their day, as they proved in their previous clash with the Catalan giants. With Sergio Aguero now suspended domestically, the Argentine may well take his frustrations out on a visiting team who leaked three times on their trip to Motherwell on Saturday. Over 3.5 goals could be a solid pick at 21/20 (2.05) but it could be worth chancing slightly higher odds given that the fact that Guardiola will expect his men to prove a point.

While the hosts should have too much for the Scottish champions, they look unlikely to keep them out given some of the displays at the back in recent weeks. 6/4 (2.50) is available with Betway on a home win where both teams score and that looks worthy of backing.

Chelsea v Tottenham Betting Preview:

Chelsea v Tottenham Betting Preview:

Undoubtedly the game of the Premier League weekend looks to be the London derby between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge on Saturday evening. Antonio Conte’s men come into this gameweek top of the table after really finding their stride under the Italian boss of late.

The Blues are the odds on favourites at 8/11 (1.73) with SkyBet to record what would be their seventh straight win in this competition, a run that is made even more impressive when you consider each of those victories has come with a clean sheet. The last time Chelsea conceded a Premier League goal was back on 24th October when a humiliating 3-0 defeat to Arsenal forced Conte into a formation change.

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That 3-4-3 has worked wonders and Spurs will have to be at their best to take anything from a stadium where they haven’t won in 25 years. The online bookmakers are 18/5 (4.60) that Mauricio Pochettino’s side will win and buck that trend and snap the hosts’ winning streak. A draw is 14/5 (3.80) with the same firm.

The Argentinian boss drew criticism for his midweek team selection as Spurs crashed out of the Champions League after just five matches of the group stage. The odds suggest it’s an uphill task to even start to vindicate that decision by taking anything from this encounter and it’s Chelsea who look the side to be with in the markets in some capacity.

While the order of the day has been low-scoring wins on the road for Chelsea, at home they’ve flexed their attacking muscle, hitting 5 against Everton, 4 when hosting Manchester United and 3 when Leicester City visited south-west London. It’s just 8/11 (1.73) that we see another game with at least three goals here and Even money (2.0) on no more than two being netted during the 90 minutes.

One man who could contribute to any potential tally is Harry Kane. Back from injury, the England international will be looking to extend his impressive scoring record in London derbies where he has 17 goals in 16 games. SkyBet go 15/2 (8.50) that Kane breaks the deadlock and 15/8 (2.88) that the Spurs front man nets at anytime.

The home team have had a week to prepare due to no European football and another win to nil is priced at 21/10 (3.10). Those odds are actually drifting from the initial quotes, perhaps due to Tottenham resting a couple of first string players against Monaco but the visitors have an uphill task on their hands to leave Stamford Bridge with even a share of the spoils.

The best wager though, could come in the form of Chelsea to win and over 2.5 goals at 6/4 (2.50) with SkyBet.

Spurs are capable of snapping this brilliant defensive streak of their London rivals so it could pay to take a shorter price than the win to nil option. That said, Conte’s side are capable of covering this line on their own if the visitors aren’t on their game. It’s landed in each of six of the Blues’ seven home games in all competitions this season and looks a good option again ahead of Saturday night’s clash.

Borussia Dortmund v Legia Warsaw

Borussia Dortmund v Legia Warsaw: Polish side could make their mark !

The first meeting between these sides back on match day one of the Champions League ended in Borussia Dortmund recording a 6-0 win over a hapless Legia Warsaw team that simply couldn’t handle the Germany’s fearsome forward line.

With that in mind it’s no surprise to see Thomas Tuchel’s side, fresh from a 1-0 win over Bayern Munich at the weekend, priced at just 1/10 (1.10) to make it a double against the visitors who sit bottom of Group F with just a single point to their name.

Legia are a massive 28/1 (29.0) with Ladbrokes to record what would be one of the biggest shocks in recent history. They are by far the biggest price on the Champions League midweek coupon, even the draw is a longshot at 10/1 (11.0).

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It’s certainly the case that the Polish side have their work cut out although a change of manager since the first meeting between these clubs has seen something of an upturn in their fortunes. Besnik Hasi lasted just three months in charge before paying the price for some poor results.

Jacek Magiera took over in late September and his side are much improved under the 39-year-old who represented the club 176 times during his playing career before working behind the scenes in various roles since retiring from playing in 2006. The change certainly seems to have galvanised the squad, especially on the European stage. The huge underdogs are 11/10 (2.10) to win the game with a +3 handicap and that may appeal to some but there looks to be a better alternative in terms of a value bet.

The Polish side were just moments away from completing an historic victory over Real Madrid in the previous round, leading 3-2 going into the final stages before the defending champions scored a last gasp leveller in a game that was played behind closed doors. Such an improvement in the final third could well lead to a worthwhile wager ahead of their trip to the Bundesliga giants.

Including that draw with Los Blancos, Legia have netted 17 times in their previous five matches and having netted in back-to-back games against Zidedine Zidane’s side, they could well trouble a defence that has kept two clean sheets in their previous eight matches.

Both teams to score is a 5/4 (2.25) chance with Ladbrokes but the better option is undoubtedly the option to back over 0.5 Legia Warsaw goals at the same price. Dortmund should net on home soil of course but there is little point in punters taking the chance in the popular BTTS market when exactly the same price is available on just half the bet elsewhere.

For a bigger price, there is 13/8 (2.63) available on Dortmund winning a game in which both teams get on the score sheet and that too deserves some consideration from punters given how dominant the hosts are expected to be.