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How Tired Is Raheem Sterling

Just How Tired Can Raheem Sterling Be?

When your job is to be fit and able to run around, not being fit enough to do this is a slight problem. When you are being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds every month to do so , there is a need to be ready when called upon, and this is why so many people raised eyebrows at the fact that Raheem Sterling said he was too tired to play a full game for England. With football fans being what they are, this inevitably led to a lot of debate about what has made Raheem so tired?

The player has been rested by Liverpool on occasions this season and given that we are only in mid-October, there has been some confusion over the claim made by the player. Mind you, even though he is only 19 years old, Raheem Sterling has packed in a lot of action, on and off the field, with some fans believing the player has an enviable scoring record. He has notched 3 goals this season for Liverpool but if you believe the rumours, he has used up a lot of energy scoring at other times.

Raheem Sterling is so tired.

Raheem has utilised social media to dispel the rumours about how many kids he has. The stories, jokes and innuendo have been getting out of hand so you have to say fair play to the youngster for sending an image of one child but making referencing to the “8 kids” he is supposed to have had in his short life so far! If Raheem had 8 kids to look after, you would forgive him for being a little bit tired but with the player removing that story from the equation, you have to look at other aspects.

Raheem carries a lot on his shoulders

There is an argument that he was mentally tired, and this would be much easier to understand. It is can easy to forget that Raheem is just 19 years old because at the moment, so much of Liverpool’s and England’s hopes are resting on him. With Luis Suarez long gone from Liverpool and Daniel Sturridge being injured and unavailable for club and country, all eyes have turned to Raheem to keep his teams on track. This would be bad enough in itself but there is also the fact that the player is having to deal with two managers who are not getting on at the moment.

Brendan Rodgers is clearly unhappy with Roy Hodgson and the England camp, believing they were fully responsible for the injury that Sturridge picked up, effectively derailing Liverpool’s season long before it began. Who knows what Rodgers was saying to Sterling before he left for England duty. Perhaps it was the Liverpool boss who planted the seed or the story about tiredness in Sterling’s mind, keen to avoid his other key player being removed from action due to problems with the English camp.
Roy is left looking the separated dad

This has left Roy backpedalling, acquiescing to Liverpool and Sterling’s complaints. Much in the way that a separated dad will look to give his kids everything they ask for on the rare occasions that get access to them, you can see why Roy has been keen to provide support for a player he knows will be crucial to any success he is keen to have in this qualifying campaign. The away win in Switzerland gave England 3 points from what is likely to be the trickiest game they will face all campaign, so there was some leeway for Roy in Estonia.

England should have had the game wrapped up without needing to turn to Raheem, but even with the Estonians being down to 10 men, England were toiling. This meant Raheem came on, and he won the foul that Wayne Rooney scored from, giving England 9 points out of 9 and leaving the nation looking all set for a jaunt across the English Channel for 2016.