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Best Betting Sites

Congratulations! you have found what you have been looking for! A definitive list of the UK’s best online sports betting sites. Some famous betting brands and some not quite so famous. Take your time, check each of them out and you are sure to find at least one that suits your every gambling need.

UK Betting Sites List


Unlike some countries, betting has been part and parcel of the Great British sporting event for a number of decades, with many fans enhancing their enjoyment of a sporting event with a wager on the outcome. It is therefore no surprise to see that online betting has taken off in a big way in the United Kingdom. There are many elements of online betting that hark back to the traditional elements of UK betting (football, horse racing and greyhound racing remain amongst the most popular sports for placing a bet) but there has been a considerable rate of progress in the UK betting market.

The Betting Sites Themselves

One of the things to note about the range of betting sites or Online Bookies in the UK, is that punters have a chance to select between the traditional and the new. As the UK has a long history of gaming, there are firms that instantly spring to mind when it comes to betting. Names like William Hill, Coral, Ladbrokes, Betfred and Victor Chandler were all popular choices for sports fans long before the internet was even established, and these firms are a natural choice for many people when it comes to online betting. Whether they used the establishments in High Streets across the country or people recall relatives using these outlets, there is a lot to be said for the respectability that comes with these options.However, there has also been a new wave of UK betting sites that have helped to push on the entire industry.

Bet365 has been hugely innovative with respect to UK betting and if you were to ask many people which online betting firm was most effective at providing live betting and live streaming of sporting events, Bet365 would feature strongly. The company has achieved a great deal of exposure through extensive promotional activities but it is their work in taking advantage of the ability to bet during games and up to the last minute that has helped the site develop a sterling reputation. Although originally from Ireland, Paddy Power has also developed a strong reputation in the UK. The firm has undertaken a number of wild and whacky promotional activities, but they offer a wide range of betting options.

There is an increasing number of European based betting options available to UK punters, providing a slightly different twist and take on the betting market, so no matter what sort of betting site a person is looking for, or even a casino site for that matter, they should find that it is within reach for them.

Layout and Features

With football and horse racing being the two most popular betting activities for UK punters, it is no surprise to see that these two sports are prioritised over the rest of the sporting calendar. There is scope to find betting options on all sports on UK betting sites but if you don’t like football or horse racing, you will need to dig down a bit to find bets that appeal to you.The emergence of in-play betting options has brought online betting to the fore and the number of side bets (prop bets in America) that are available on football matches is astounding. This is something that has been taken on board strongly by UK betting punters and this market is likely to continue to grow in the future.

The traditional UK format for betting odds is fractions and this is available on the vast majority of UK European sites. However, you find that most sites now provide the ability to view the odds in a manner of different ways, which means punters can opt for decimal odds or even the American style of odds. The fact that the traditional UK method is still available is a good thing and that players can opt for the method which is best for them. The level of demand for online betting in the UK means that there will always be a high level of betting sites and the depth of versatility on offer ensures that there should be a UK betting option for everyone.

Huge Selection of Online Betting Sites

 As You Can See Above There Are Loads of Online Betting Sites To Choose From

The best online sport betting sites

Sports betting is fast becoming a leisure activity that both males and females see as synonymous when watching live sporting eventing. Why though? Well, when you now watch a live sporting event you will also be directly targeted with advertisement giving you rewards and special offers from online bookmakers all wanting your custom, but why has betting become so popular?

Quite simply with sports being part of many household daily routines, online bookmakers have grasped this by offering a variety of markets to heighten your enjoyment of the game. Not only this though you no longer have to leave the comfort of your own door and bets can be placed online and via your mobile before or in play. So from football to tennis there is no event that won’t be covered and each specific game will now have hundreds of markets to help you spend your money. So whether you want a first goal scorer or choose the winner of a Formula One race there is always an event ready for you.

But with a variety of online bookmakers which four will give you the savvy punter the best value whilst still rewarding your loyalty with promotional offers?


is based in the UK but the majority of countries have access to their markets and website. This betting site has everything that a sports punter could ever require. So whether it’s an under 18 football match to a game of bowls no matter what the sport they will hold a market! What’s more there services are available 365 days a year, through their phone line or website! This is the ultimate of sports betting site and no matter what you require they will guarantee to deliver. It is important to note that they offer some fantastic promotions on big events and they always reward loyal customers! Just be careful though with so many different markets available you will be spoilt for choice.   Read Our BET365.com Review Here

William Hill

maybe one of the most well-known bookmakers on the UK high streets however, they also have a major online sport betting presence. With numerous promotions and in-depth markets for events featured on television this gives the punter every opportunity to bet on something they want to watch. Again they have markets on every conceivable sport going, and with their brand name, you will feel reassured when depositing money with them.

Paddy Power

is the most social media savvy of all online sports bookmakers and like its competitors it cover all sporting events. Paddy Power loves to stand out from the crowd and therefore, they can offer promotions that its rivals can’t compete with! Take for example there recent settlement 12 weeks early of Hilary Clinton winning the USA Election! Sometimes they make costly errors! Which is good for you, the punter of course!   Read our PaddyPower Review Here


really gets involved with live sport betting, especially if it is shown on their sports channels! With their innovative price boosts and requestabet specials, you as the punter are really in control on what you think may occur. What do we mean though? You can literally combine any markets together on certain events for larger priced odds. So if you have a feeling of a score, goal scorer, corners and card market then they will quote you a combined price. This is currently unique to Skybet!   Read Our SKYBET Review Here

Remember as sports are continually being televised sports betting will ultimately, grow. It is essential when choosing an online sports betting site you take full advantage of any signup offers and some of the promotions can be extremely lucrative. Just remember though, that all betting firms will have different terms and conditions so ensure you check each sporting event! A prime example is tennis where some betting firms will void bets if a player is injured whilst others won’t. Make sure you exploit the firms and stay in control!

If you you are interested in different forms of gambling, say Casino games, all of the bookies on our site have options for this also including Slots, Poker, Baccarat and much more.


Some Popular Betting Terms & What They Mean

The world of sports betting can be a complex one if you’re not familiar with the terminology that you may come into contact with. Here’s a look at some of the most popular examples and some explanation on what they mean.


A general term used to describe a type of bet that consists of more than one selection. Each of these “legs” will be settled on its individual merits but will have a wider impact on the potential returns of the multiple bet.

Accumulator or (acca)

A popular type of multiple (sometimes referred to as parlay or acca in some circles) which allow bettors to combine a number of selections from different events in order to increase the potential profit from a single stake.

Each leg must be settled as a winner in order for the bet to provide a return, if any of them were to lose then the whole selection would be settled as a loser.

The odds for accumulators are calculated by multiplying the stake by stated price on each leg when the bet is placed, e.g £10 * 2.0 * 1.4 * 2.5 * 2.75 = 192.50.

In the event of a void selection, the accumulator will still stand although the potential returns would be recalculated assuming the leg in question wasn’t included. E.g a nine leg accumulator would become an eight leg one.

Each way

Popular in sports such as football and particularly horse racing, this is a type of bet which sees half the total stake placed on a selection to win and the other half on the same selection to “place”.

If your selection fails to win but finishes inside the “places” (as per the terms when the bet was struck) then the bookmaker will pay out a percentage of the original price multiplied by the “place” half of the stake.

E.g you can currently back Arsenal at 10/1 (11.0) to win the title. If you backed them at £10 each way (£20 total stake) and they came second, you would be paid out at 1/4 of the odds (2.75) x the £10 place part of your stake. If they win you would see the £10 win part settled at 10/1 plus the place portion too.

Often bookmakers offer more places the bigger the field of runners, so in some horse races with 20+ runners firms will pay out on four or even five each way places.

Ante Post

A term used to describe a bet placed a day or more before the start of an event. Often some bookmakers will offer odds on events which are months or even years away from being decided e.g Premier League winner or The Grand National.

Bettors can therefore attempt to take a bigger price on a particular outcome in this type of market but without the knowledge of what might happen in the run up to the event taking place and how that might affect their pick.

Bets on these markets are settled as per the terms at the time of placement e.g in some horse racing markets where a horse’s participation is not yet confirmed, you would lose your stake if the horse in question doesn’t run.

New Betting Sites

There are new betting sites popping up all the time due to this new online gambling boom time, two of the better ones, in our opinion are a1bettingsites.com and bettingsitesuk.uk why not check them out and see what they are offering? They might be right up your street. Happy punting!